Major/Minor Project List for IT, CS, MCA, BE, BTech Students Part-1

Project Topics for Practice :

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Can be implemented using any programming language – Java, .NET, PHP, Perl, Python, RoR etc:

  1. Piracy Protection Security Component (Cryptography)(Major)
  2. Online Task Management (Major)
  3. Text Based Search Engine Development(Free text and Structured searching)(Major)
  4. Web Crawler Search engine using Apache Lucene API(Major)
  5. Remote Desktop Communication (Major)
  6. Video and Audio Conversation over VOIP Protocol(Major)
  7. FTP Client Application Development(Major)
  8. Email Sending Utility development using POP/IMAP/SMTP Protocol(Major)
  9. System Advisor tool(Minor)
  10. Web based UI Component development (library/component generation)
  11. Desktop UI Component Generation
  12. Project Validation Component Generation on Desktop technologies
  13. Project Validation Component Generation on Web technologies
  14. Web server and Client Development for HTTP Protocol using Multithreading
  15. Private/Propriety Protocol development and its implementation using Java Servlet
  16. Online Parallel Examination
  17. Remote Database Admin TOOL on WEB or Desktop (DB ADMIN)
  18. Database Migration tool
  19. Online NEWS Publication System(ePaper publication and Display)
  20. Network Firewall implementation
  21. Subjective Data mining
  22. Common interface Chat Interface development
  23. Online Ticket Booking
  24. Task management System over web(Task Organizer over web interface-TOOWI)
  25. Net Café Automation Software
  26. Network Cluster Configuration In Application server
  27. PC Cleaner Utility
  28. Version Control Server and Its Client Development
  29. Online Video Streaming Player using Apple or Flash
  30. Website designing tool from existing website
  31. Online Banking
  32. File Comparison and Merging tool
  33. Website Broken Link Detector[SEO supportive] –Website Testing Tool
  34. Website Organic Compliance Checker [Organic or on-page SEO tool]
  35. CMS-Template based web page generation
  36. Railway Prepaid Auto Management System
  37. Remote Web Based Java Executor(Run Java Application From Browser)
  38. Color Palate –Interior Color Theme Chooser
  39. Website Hosting cPanel for Any Web Server
  40. IDE with Drag and Drop Based Application Development
  41. Ticket Based Support System(Minor)
  42. Hardware Accessories Management System(Minor)
  43. Wholesale management system(Major)
  44.  Desktop Organizer /Sticky Notes (Minor)
  45. Patient Management System(EMR -Electronic Medical Record)
  46. Blood Bank Management System
  47. Human Resource Management System
  48. Payroll System
  49. Website Performance Evaluation System(Resource Load Time Evaluation)
  50.  Job Portal and Recruitment Engine


To know more about project requirement please contact: or visit our office.

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